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Permanent Nomad. Writer. Editor.

Writer specializing in travel, food culture, cookbook reviews, recipes, the arts, and literature. I also have experience in finance, business, news, gardening, and features. food@pastemagazine.com

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Go Inside the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and Meet the New Guinness ...

Join me as we taste the hottest of the hot at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo!

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The Threat to Twin Peaks in The Return "Chapter V" Comes from the Evil Within

Twin Peaks' worst enemy? Its everyday citizens.

Casey article
National Public Radio

Restaurant Workers Seek Wellness

New Businesses Give Restaurant Workers The Tips They Ache For: Wellness

Heart article

Korean Television is Going Queer

Korean TV is queer -- but Korea doesn't know it.

Koreantvportfolio article

7 Must-See Korean TV Shows Now Streaming for U.S. Audiences

7 Must-See Korean TV Shows Now Streaming for U.S. Audiences

Img 5636 article
The Kitchn

The Best Travel Bag Every Food-Lover Should Own

The Best Travel Bag Every Food-Lover Should Own

Church article
Brooklyn Magazine

At Greenpoint Reformed Church, All Sexual Orientations Are Embraced

Meet Brooklyn's most unique church.

161115 freelance work living feature article
New York Post

Why These Millennials Are Abandoning America Forever

For these millennials, the American dream is easier to pursue abroad.

Gg article

Why Gilmore Girls' Obsession with Oz Is the Key to A Year in the Life ...

Look at Gilmore Girls through emerald-colored glasses.

Laurie article

The New Generation of Millennial Matchmakers Wants to Help Your Tinder Game

Millennial matchmakers aren't against online dating. They just think they know how to do it better.

Subiaco article

Meet the Arkansas Monks Who Make Flaming Habanero Hot Sauce

These monks know habaneros better than you do.

Soylent 22 article

Are We Moving Toward a Drinks-Based Society?

Will the liquid lunch rule?

Sf article

San Francisco Food History, On Two Wheels

Shaping San Francisco's Food History Bike Tour winds through a labyrinth of bakeries, breweries and coffee shops.

Lilyfayefeatured article
New York Post

A Burlesque Bombshell Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Burlesque beauty Lily Faye helps you achieve the glamorous vintage pin-up look.

Honey 2000x1500 article

Why South Korea Goes Crazy for Honey

In Korea, honey is all that and a bag of chips.