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Writer specializing in travel, food culture, cookbook reviews, recipes, the arts, and literature. I also have experience in finance, business, news, gardening, and features. food@pastemagazine.com

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Go Inside the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and Meet the New Guinness ...

Join me as we taste the hottest of the hot at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo!

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The Threat to Twin Peaks in The Return "Chapter V" Comes from the Evil Within

Twin Peaks' worst enemy? Its everyday citizens.

Koreantvportfolio article

7 Must-See Korean TV Shows Now Streaming for U.S. Audiences

7 Must-See Korean TV Shows Now Streaming for U.S. Audiences

Gg article

Why Gilmore Girls' Obsession with Oz Is the Key to A Year in the Life ...

Look at Gilmore Girls through emerald-colored glasses.

Soylent 22 article

Are We Moving Toward a Drinks-Based Society?

Will the liquid lunch rule?

Sf article

San Francisco Food History, On Two Wheels

Shaping San Francisco's Food History Bike Tour winds through a labyrinth of bakeries, breweries and coffee shops.

Travel article

7 Reasons We Need Travel Guidebooks and Apps for Women Now

7 Reasons We Need Travel Guidebooks and Apps for Women Now

Sambazonschools article

Sambazon Açaí is Investing in a Sustainable Brazil

Sambazon Açaí is Investing in a Sustainable Brazil.

Wynwood main2 article

Take Five Miami: Wynwood's Outsider Charms

Where to Refresh with Cocktails, Yoga, Sour Beers and Cold Juices in Wynwood, Miami's Art District

Colddrinks main article

7 Watering Holes for Staving off The Southby Shakes

Where to go when SXSW has worn you down.

Urban bees seoul beehive article

Urban Bees Seoul Lures More Believers With Honey

Urban Bees Seoul builds urban beehives across Korea.

El abuelo ana tello article

Wandering a Delicious Path with Eat Mexico's Street Food Tour ...

Eat Mexico's street food tours feature sopes, tlacoyos and cemitas galore.

Phomain main article

Why You Should Care About the Bon Appetit Pho Uproar

#Phogate has opened up a discussion about cultural appropriation in the food world.

Coqauvindish main article

Le Coq Rico Is Bringing Beautiful Heritage Birds to NYC

This Parisian dupe is bringing heritage birds to NYC.

Joystick article

Take Five: The Best Bars in Atlanta for Gamers

Get your game on.